Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Post Title

Post Title, because it seems like this sort of thing should have one of those.

But right now, I am either too lazy to be clever or simply do not care to title my post.

Probably a combination of both.

ANYWHOOO...talk about a hiatus?

Over the last two to three years, I have been putting together my life in an intricate jig saw puzzle in front of a box fan in the rain.  What I mean by that, is yeah things got crazy.  I took on a bigger, tougher job.  My job title has changed six times in the last two years in an ever evolving industry while attempting a full time student status to finalize a third undergraduate degree.  I have juggled case loads, studies, patients, home life, loving my pup,  religion, friends and family, travel and school.

Yes, I am crazy.  I have committee after committee, board meetings, staff meetings, team building, Bible study, family dinner, giant admissions, long runs and trips to the market.  I love it all though, and would not change a second of the last three years for nothing.  Sh*ts been real, I've cried more stress tears, I've had more anxiety ridden dreams and I've failed a lot.  Yet, I have grown each and every day.

But since it has been so long, and I'm pretty sure I don't have any followers anymore, allow me to reintroduce my reinvented self.

My name is Julia, I am 27.  I am a wife, and intentionally childless.  Logan, Goliath and my family are the loves of my life.  Science, specifically pharmaceutical research is my industry.  My current pursuit is a degree in Molecular Biosciences at the University of Kansas.  Many of you are wondering, and yes I am a FOREVER student.  I will never not be enrolled.

Why blog again?  I noticed something over the last year or so-and it's that I don't have this outlet.  I lost my reinforcement.  My semi-regularly regurgitation of my progress, of my sins and of my life.  Goliath is seven now, and I always thought how amazing it would be to have all our adventures documented together.  But as my planner packed, our adventures decreased.

I can read back through this blog, and kinda laugh at myself for being a little weird-and thinking maybe more people read this than really did, but I liked who I was when I was writing this.  It gave me insight on me, despite it's topics circulating around health and fitness.

I cannot be sure if I want to blog about health and fitness any longer, as it's no longer an overwhelming sized wedge in my pie chart of a life, but I can be sure that I want to write again.  Unfortunately, I am at my heaviest weight ever-all excuses aside, I've indulged and I've had fun.  There may not have been time to run, but there was always time for "just one beer..."

All cards on the table, losing weight is yet again on my stairway-to-heaven long list of To Do's.  As if "Lose 35 lbs" is something I could check off in a day.

Do you know how annoying it is to not cross off a To-Do list item every day?