Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teary Eyed Nose Running, Wipe the Snot on my Sleeve

Disaster. Can't a sister catch a break? If there were ever an injury prevention poster child of what NOT to do, I'd be it. We can now add: messed up right knee, to my unending list of injuries. If you were wondering "messed up right knee" is the official diagnosis.

The equation goes like this: solid ice + G-Money on a leash + birds = jolted right arm, twisted hip and knee and face met trail. Ow. Goliath's biggest downfall is how prey driven he is, and it's one of those traits that's hard to knock and out train. I've forgiven him emotionally, but physically I have a feeling this injury will take a while to heal. The ice bath was like insult to injury, it's five degrees today and instead of a nice hot shower I got an freezing ice bath to ward off swelling.

We managed a total of 2.78 miles today of our scheduled 6, but it was mostly walking. The fall occurred early on, and I hoped I could "walk it off."

I like this picture, it's a half woman half dog running machine.

Today's Mileage: 2.78
Time: why bother


Manderz said...

ouch! I hope its nothing too serious!

BeBe said...

So Sorry hun, did it mess up anything with your Jaw??

Michael said...

your a centaur. but with a dog body. its weird that your genders dont match, i was trying to call you a bitch so bad but his male genes kinda ruin it. ...too bad.