Monday, May 17, 2010

Skippin' Down the Street

HELLOOOOOOOOO!! Guess who's back? Guess who's ready for action? and take a guess who missed their Furmom?

After two weeks apart, we are reunited and it feels oh so good. I was in the world of research, and in that world there was no running, and there was no dietary conscientiousness. Sadly, I left G-Monz behind with Logan. By Saturday, my first day home, Goliath thought I was surely never returning so when I walked through the door he was just short of doing back flips.

Despite Saturday being my first day home, today was our first day running. I could tell just by observing Goliath's behavior Saturday and Sunday, he was depressed. The lack of exercise really took a major toll on his overall demeanor. His excitement for my return was made manifest fully when he saw me take out my lunarglides (YES! I got new shoes before I left!). Have you ever seen a dog smile?

I tried to make a video, because I can not adequately express what he does but...he stands really still with excitement waiting for me to acknowledge the r-u-n. When I say r-u-n, he's gone. He has zoomed from the bedroom to the back door to the bedroom to the backdoor to his leash to the backdoor and back, zero to sixty in 0.2 sorta thing.

Not sure where my fitness level would be, I made sure to properly warm up for half a mile. That half a mile was absolutely torturous for Goliath. Antsying to accelerate, he tugged the leash and jumped in the air like a dolphin. Arriving at the trail, he started to settle into the run. We were going out for the week's easy run, three miles at what was suppose to be race pace+2 minutes-but that's torture for both of us.

I always get so nervous when I run for the first time after a hiatus. I tend to fear that I won't be able to perform, like somehow in two weeks I will have forgotten how to run altogether. OR maybe I'll hurt myself? I dunno. It's a fear that sometimes, I feel like if I allowed it to it would end me running.

At the end of the day, the fear is motivating and it is always exhilarating to find out: Oh yeah...I can do this!!

Today's Mileage: 3.01
Time: 25:19


Becky said...

So glad to hear that you are back home with your furbaby. I bet Goliath was a mess without you!

Also, thank you for this post. I have not gone for a run in almost two weeks and I fear going because I am afraid that I won't do well. Or that I'll get so far and give up on myself.

I just need to do it. I need to make sure I warm up, run easy, cool down and stretch.

Tawnya said...

It cracks me up to read your posts, as my pup seems to have a similar personality. I have a fun time picturing Goliath as you describe him so well :P Glad you are home, back to your norm, and can get back into your wonderful habits!