Monday, January 31, 2011


Ok, so it's month-end and I know you are absolutely dying to see how I am doing on my goals for 2011. I am pleased with my progress, although slight.

So as a refresher here are the goals:
Lost 10 lbs and see the 130s
Strength train twice a week
Run two full marathons
Average ten hours of volunteering a month
Study the Bible with someone
Make three new friends
Finish school
Pay off debt
Take care of myself
Learn to manage anger, stress and anxiety
Start saving money
Establish a good study routine
Fit into a size 2-4, and feel good about it
Changes someone’s life
Ignore lazy tendencies, and start a pattern of cleanliness
Limit television
Organize a 5k Race
Plan a vacation
Adopt a 2nd dog
Work to be a better communicator
Religiously track my food intake good or bad
Pay attention to details
Make Logan happier
Help my brother get his drivers license
Be proactive about my health
Pray daily
Start a garden
Go as organic as possible
Stop popping my jaw

This Month I focused on two things:
Establish a good study routine- The importance of a routine is buying out time to do whatever it is, at the same time. Consistency is key with setting up a routine. I did really well with this goal, and feel confident checking it off my 2011 goals. I found three times during the week where I could have been studying instead of whatever I was doing. Each week I was successfully prepared for all lessons, and thoroughly understood all material. Don't be shocked, but I can be a lazy student and kinda do most of my learning in the class room-which might be ok if you're in like 2nd grade. When you're an adult though, learning is done at home and when you're with whomever is teaching you, you are clarifying and deepening your understanding.

To ignore lazy tendencies, and set a pattern of cleanliness-This was the goal I was actively working on. I think I thought about this goal daily, which is important. I identified this goal as one of the easiest to attain, and decided not to put it off. I am not a filthy person, not a slob. In fact, I am pretty-much a clean freak except after I have worked 12 hours four days in a row and had this that and the other to do before and after work and school. My biggest down fall was dishes. I could summon enough energy to cook dinner, but by the time I ate lazy-turdness sets in and YUP, I'd let dishes sit over night...maybe even two nights? When you are as busy as I am, sometimes you forget you even had dishes in your sink. This month, I didn't let dishes spend the night in the sink (with reason). Every night, I made sure whatever was left in the sink made it's way to the dishwasher. Now, if a glass or two made it's way to the sink after I went to bed, than I didn't beat myself up about it. The spousticle is on a different sleep schedule than I, and I can't expect him to not eat or drink for the hours he's still awake. Needless to say, it's been nice waking up each morning to a clean kitchen. I believe I set this pattern, and am firmly striking it off my list-and not just because I did dishes. I also deep cleaned my home on a weekly basis consistently. I do a lot of "tidy-ing" as well...but that was always a pattern.

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Becky said...

A clean kitchen to me is a stress free home.

Seriously. I make it a priority to make sure my kitchen is always clean and dishes are always done.

In an instance they don't get done - I freak out. lol

Good job with your study habits, too! Putting time in after class is over shows great initiative and you will always be prepared for anything.