Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Temporary Escape


I am such an advocate for moderation.  Which is hilarious because I can't seem to moderate my habits long term.  For instance, I can be the apex of health one week and the next give myself a coronary eating burgers and beer.  Right now, I happen to be on the up swing.  Self control is at a maximum, I am killing my work outs, getting sleep and the list goes on...

The thing is, I can't help but wonder how long this will last?  Sad that I know my motivation has an expiration date.  It only takes one night out, or one party or heck one bad hair day to send me off into a tail spin.It just so happens that right now I am so dissatisfied with myself that I am kicking booties and forgetting names.

Because, I am a broke student the current focus is exercise because I don't have the means to buy the optimal foods.  So my diet is kinda whacky right now, as I am literally just eating whatever I can get my hands on.  Going without so you can pay for school is cool guys, you wish you could do it.  Don't worry though, I at least have coffee and colleagues that care enough to feed me when I am look depleted and on the verge of syncope.
Running after you swim with wet hair is, ummm, awesomeIMG_1279
You know it's hot outside when your hair is dry in 5 minutes after you start running.

Like I mentioned yesterday, not having a specific training goal is feeling reallll nice for me mentally. 
 It makes my WANT to exercise, and I have lost that feeling of HAVING to do it.


So today, I swam some laps at the pool...ouch...and then ran four miles....ouch...it was hot.  And windy?  How horrible.  It was over 90 degrees with a super heavy head wind, so it kept me cool but it was difficult to run into.

Goliath also got in a swim
Water, is absolutely essential for these hot summer runs.  G and Me both would die without frequently indulging in some agua.

What I ate today: Giant coffee, chicken and broccoli, 2 slices of pizza (I AM SO POOR! I miss vegetables! Waaahhh)
How I worked out today: 20 minute lap swim,  4 mile run

This Post Brought to You By: "Young Blood" The Naked and Famous


BeBe said...

1.) I love that song.
2.) I wish my running routes were as pretty
3.) If I travel to you, can you teach me how to swim?

Manda said...

How hot is your hair?? I mean honestly?! (WITH MY BEST LISP- SEXXY!)

Julia said...

Bebe, yes yes I will

Megan said...

Love you! Glad you're back!
Also love that song...that album is on my shuffle.

Becky Cowan said...


I bought a waist leash and a harness for Hyatt and it worked like a charm! I have now been on two very amazing runs with him (minus the disgusting heat) and I couldn't be happier. He is the best running buddy and now he gets super excited when he sees the harness.

Thanks for the advice!!

Becky Cowan said...


I bought a waist leash and a harness for Hyatt and they worked like a charm! I have been on two amazing runs (minus the heat) and it's been great! He tried pulling twice the first time and hasn't done it since. Now he gets excited when he sees the harness. I have the best running buddy!

Thanks for the advice!