Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Little Bit's Enough

Ok, so I didn't update last night and I'll tell you why...

I was three sheets to the wind.

Let me also add, I had been with family grieving the loss of my Aunt Cele who honestly was one of the biggest BAs who ever graced this earth.  This isn't an exaggeration at her funeral we talked about her getting arrested and put in jail and still throwing one kick butt dinner party in the same night, hundreds of people mourned and celebrated her life.

In accordance with my Irish family, I celebrated at the Irish wake a little too much.  I had the presence of mind to eat a decent dinner, but I am human and in the pursuit of my healthy and fit lifestyle I have not totally gone the way of prohibition.  I love booze.  Specifically wine.

So in reality, the party scene doesn't mesh with with the gym scene-and my waist line is the proof.  There are a lot of reasons why but in my experience there are two reasons-
1)drinking, let a lone heavily automatically increases your caloric intake albeit with the booze and the subsequent poor food choices
2)The hangover.  The hangover leads to another day of poor decision making because you hate life, you regret that last glass of pinot and the only thing to ease the pain of whatever it was you said to whoever it was is a big-fat-bacon-cheeseburger and fries.

Now, I don't want ya'll to think I am a lush but I do imbibe and yes, hangovers mean you probably took things a little too far.

However, I have found in my not-so limited experience the following tips to avoid these aforementioned pitfalls and to create a tumultuous marriage between losin' and boozin':
-Whilst drinking eat yo' greens.  Sounds weird, but if I order green food I might not want it at first but at the end of the day I'll start eating whatever is in front of me. Make it greens. 

-Don't start the carbs, it's a farse that you should eat lots of breads/carby things while you drink.  So don't start
-Enjoy yourself, if you stress every drink you're missing the point
-Drink plenty of water before you fall asleep

-Now to the hangover part...Drink 32 ounces of water immediately, cook bacon, eat a whole wheat bagel with a banana and finish it off with some coffee

-Take your supplements, especially your B-vitamins

-Sweat.  Don't skip your work out.  It will suck, but I promise you within 15 minutes you'll feel better.  Some of my best work outs and been on my worst days.
-If I drink a lot of wine, my allergies are usually way worse because of the sulfamides in the wine so I always take fexofenadine the next day.  
-Don't avoid your routine.


Anywayyyy, losing family is uncomfortable, and sad.  I looked like death warmed up after seven solid hours of grieving with family.  Nothing feels as comforting as this little wet nose nagging me to get up and face the day.

So nope, no work outs for me today or yesterday-it's actually a crazy week, I leave for Chicago tomorrow but more on that later...

Do you still drink on your journey to wellness?
What kind of hangover tips do you swear by?
Do you have a big family?

This Post Brought to by: "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink Featuring Nate Ruess

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