Monday, January 25, 2010

Climbing up the Top Sails

Monday's are the days where I pay for my transgressions over the weekend. Goliath makes me regret the fried pickles from Friday, and the chocolate cake from Penny's. It felt like eighteen degrees this morning, and with a headwind of 18 mph. After running an errand this morning, I yawned pulling in my parking lot and for a split second decided to blow off today's run.

Monday's are the days where I can find a million reasons not to run, but only one reason to: Goliath. I could put away laundry, organize my cabinets, finally hang the painting or figure out how to replace my carpet. Instead, I will lace up the nikes like I did today.

According to my training schedule, today was suppose to be speed work incorporated into a four mile run but at the two mile split I knew I'd have to go farther, faster and longer.

If you've ever struggled with your weight, and maintaining your goal you know as well as I do that having a daily reminder keeps you focused. Weight Watchers calls it an "anchor," and can you guess what mine is? We adopted my anchor after I lost my first five pounds, as both a reward and motivation. My anchor gets me up on cold mornings, and won't let me slow down on the uphills. When I try to stop, he'll shoot me a look like "Hey I'm not the one who ate that extra serving of pancakes and sausage," and then I get moving.

Our four by two run quickly turned into a 10k, our favorite distance. We run door to door, only stopping for a split or to greet another dog. For the first time in training, I felt like I might puke. I could feel those aforementioned food sins slowing me down. The desire to stop every five minutes didn't stop until mile four, when we approached another runner. An older man, clearly a seasoned vet, no running gadgets and worn out sneakers. As we passed each other, he said "Well at least the dog likes it!"

Darn it, I like it too. Before I knew it, I was home and peeling off sweat soaked gear. I look forward to my post work out protein. I usually have skim chocolate milk, and Goliath has a beggin strip. Lately, however, I've been playing mad scientist with protein powder and smoothies:

Monday's are the days where I need to remind myself why I do this, why I get up at 5am, why I need to push myself. The days where I need to find a million reasons to run, and throw the excuses out the bandwagon door. The days where I owe my success to my anchor on the end of a leash.

Today's Mileage: 6.21
Time: 1:08:43


Manderz said...

I am in love with your pup! Sounds like you had an awesome run today - WTG!

Michael said...

Julia, i give you props on the pics. im just not dedicated enough to put pics on my blog like yours. I appreciate the puking thing. I once stayed up all night and then tried to bike a 3 mile track with all the crasy hills. yeah... i said cray-c. king burger style. anyway, julia the mad scientist... epic.