Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is Me on the Hurtin' Side of Pain

It's time to retire the Bowerman's. They've gotten my through two half marathons, and their training. Today's run, although scheduled to be brief, was excruciatingly painful. From over zealous training, I experienced not just one but TWO tibial stress fractures. During the month hiatus from running to recover I went a little crazy. The mental low from not having the excess endorphins was just added insult.

Driving to work, I'd see runners and get bitter. Normally, I'd wave or give them a chin nod even if they couldn't see me-but there's no camaraderie in injury. Today, I felt the familiar pang in my leg. There are way too many miles on my shoes, and I know better.

So what should have been interval training for four miles, became a two mile jog and a two mile exploration walk.

Goliath swims in this fall when it's warmer, today the frigid twenty degree water swayed him against it.

We got home about an hour after we set out. I think Goliath was still tired from yesterday's run, because he's been sprawled out, passed out since I took off my shoes only waking to see what I was cooking for lunch.

(Cajun Lettuce Wraps)

Today's Mileage: 4 miles
Time: 1:00:32


Manderz said...

Go get your new shoes! I felt the same way when I was sidelined, it sucks! Love the water pics - looks so peaceful

Leigh said...

I'm being to understand 'the runner's high' feeling. I've never had it before. I'm also learning the importance of good shoes. I'm going to be fitted this weekend. *gasp* could it be that I'm becoming a runner?

You are my inspiration love! Be good to yourself and get new shoes.