Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So as a refresher here are the goals:

Lost 10 lbs and see the 130s

Strength train twice a week

Run two full marathons

Average ten hours of volunteering a month

Study the Bible with someone

Make three new friends

Finish school

Pay off debt

Take care of myself

Learn to manage anger, stress and anxiety

Start saving money

Establish a good study routine

Fit into a size 2-4, and feel good about it

Changes someone’s life

Ignore lazy tendencies, and start a pattern of cleanliness

Limit television

Organize a 5k Race

Plan a vacation

Adopt a 2nd dog

Work to be a better communicator

Religiously track my food intake good or bad

Pay attention to details

Make Logan happier

Help my brother get his drivers license

Be proactive about my health

Pray daily

*Start a garden**IN PROGRESS**

Go as organic as possible

Stop popping my jaw

I have been working on:

Start a garden: I am pleased to announce last night, I made chipotle-esque rice with home made cilantro. I can't say it tasted any better than store bought, but I am incredibly proud of the small garden I've begun. I have started cilantro, chives, basil, jalapenos and tomatoes. I started small. I will be transplanting them soon to the outdoors, and I'm told this is when the real work will start. I bought a book, and am reading and planning my outdoor plot. Two weeks ago, I spent five hours doing yard work, just getting my yard ready and acceptable. This, my friends, is progress-but not complete!

Limit television: We got rid of cable when we moved, so this goal. Complete. Crossing it off. I only watch How I Met Your Mother regularly, and I never have idle time at home to just veg. So I am officially crossing this off the list.


Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

My Hubbs and I will be getting rid of our tv soon.

When are you planning on running your marathons? I am training for my first one. I have my longest run to date this weekend.

Meredith said...

My husband and I got rid of cable too and both agree that it is the BEST decision we could have made. I finish books, we walk the dogs, we do this dishes! It's amazing! We do religiously watch How I Met Your Mother, Glee, and the Office but instead of having the TV on from when we get home to when we go to bed it's only on during those shows. We did invest in Netflicks though to replace Cable and we have both been thrilled to have a couple of movies come each week in the mail and have the option of watching instantly with the Playstation (I knew that silly game system would one day become of value!). I'm glad to see someone else kick the cable bucket and like it too!!

Becky said...

Getting rid of cable was also one of the best decisions for Andrew and I. Not only does it save us a TON of money - but we aren't as apt to just veg in front of the TV when we should be doing other things.

We still have Netflix - but everything in moderation! lol

Also, I would love to start my own garden. I can't wait to have a house so I can do that.