Sunday, April 28, 2013

Up to the Skies

The theme of today has been Wedding Weekend Detox.

So I got very little sleep, ate a million rich foods, drank my weight in beer and did not exercise.  So the epitome of fitness and wellness.  I ate a lot of sugar and carbs, and am feeling it today.  

All those things combined make for one of the best weekends, but also may have set my goals back a few weeks.  But it was WORTH IT.  I totally believe to live and experience life, and my pursuit for fitness and a super hot lean bod doesn't need to prevent me from enjoying important things in life.  

But it has gotten me thinking a lot about cheat meals.  
Part of last night's cheat meal...
I can physically feel myself being set back by two days of indulgences, but what about one meal a week or even one whole day a week?  I have mixed feelings about "cheat" meals/days.  I work very very hard to build a calorie deficit, and I struggle with binge eating.  So what benefit is there to a cheat day?  
Not a cheat meal, today's brunch/lunch

The way I want to indulge, a cheat meal could set me back an entire week's worth of calorie deficit.    I really am on the fence with this diet practice.  Yeah yeah, yeah I am not on a diet or whatever, and I'm just out living a healthier life.  No, I'm not really following a strict program like paleo or WW but I do have personal guidelines.  So a cheat meal for me would be something outside of my normal foods.  

So my biggest question is: Is it worth it?

In many ways, I think so.  Sometimes the cheat meal is a reminder of why you don't eat that way regularly.  Sometimes the cheat meal prevents a long term binge.  Sometimes the cheat meal gives you just what you're craving.  


Sometimes the cheat meal sends me into a spiral.  Sometimes a cheat meal will turn into a few cheat days.  Sometimes a cheat meal will cause more cravings.  Sometimes a cheat meal will lead to feelings of worthlessness, guilt and shame.  

My conclusion is this: It depends on the meal for me.  My many many cheats meals tell me that the big burger or pizza cheat meals are worth it, these meals don't lead to the negatives listed above.  It's the cake and ice cream cheats that accumulate the cons.  At the very least in the cheats like burgers, pizza, BBQ I am still getting protein and sometimes complex carbs.  In the sweets, I am getting literally zero nutrition.  

Which sucks because I love sugar.  I have a sugar problem.

Today was a full body day at the gym

Work Out
-Free weight Upper Body: dumb bell curls, shoulder press, tricep kick backs, push ups
-Squats on Squats on Squats: Traditional Squat 4 sets until burnout, Sumo Squat 4 sets until burn out

-Leg Press: Five sets until burnout alternate calf press
-Leg Extensions, three sets
-Weighted Dynamic lunges with clean and jerk at the turn around until burn out
-20 Minute Cardio Hill Interval on dreadmill
-10 Minutes of abs

Another non-cheat meal, tonight's dinner

That training session really kicked my trash.  I have been spent the rest of the day.  But now I am watching Point Break with my three best friends, and debating sleep. 

What are you feelings about cheat meals?
When you cheat what are your preferred indulgences?
What's your favorite gym routine?

This Post Brought to you by: "Pursuit of Happiness" by Kid Cudi

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Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

Right now I'm trying to just eat what I want when I want it, but without distractions. So for me a cheat meal would be eating chips while watching TV. Which can be worth it if I'm watching TV with someone and it's a social thing, but usually it's not worth it because I do it alone...

My favorite gym routine now is treadmill running.